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Project create. inspire. love.

I began my own weekly project awhile back. I wanted something that not only challenged me to create but also inspired me to discover more about myself in the process. I want to continue to remember why I fell in love with photography in the first place.
This project is not about whether you are a hobbyist, amateur or professional. It does not matter what type of camera you choose to shoot with.
I’m sharing this with you in hopes that we can all learn from and inspire one another.

You can choose to take each week’s theme as abstract or literally as you’d like. What does it mean to you? Teach us about what life is to you thru your images.

All of the themes can be found here. Each week’s submission begins on Monday and is due by Sunday evening. You may post your images on Facebook or Flickr!

I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone more!

Our first week is “Broken”.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.36.02 AM


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