Anna + Weimer’s Spring Haseltine Estate Wedding, Springfield MO

On a bright Spring day, Anna and Weimer’s wedding at Haseltine Estate was as refreshing as the season itself. As the sun peeked out, you could feel the excitement buzzing through the gorgeous estate. The air was cool, but nothing could dampen the warmth of the day ahead.

In the bridal suite, laughter and music filled the air while Anna put the finishing touches on her look. Weimer shared quieter moments with his brothers and mom, a calm before the day’s joyful business. There, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, they readied themselves to begin a new chapter.

Anna & Weimer shared a first look in the driveway, under the blush of trees first blooms. When Anna and Weimer locked eyes during their first look, the overcast sky couldn’t dull the sheer happiness radiating from them.

Soon, the ceremony was upon us. Haseltine Estate stood regally, echoing the day’s joyous spirit, its history the silent witness to the new memories being etched. The couple’s favorite people joined them from far and wide for the celebration, some traveling from the distant vibrance of Honduras. Weimer beamed as he made his entrance, and the smiles grew even wider when their adored dogs made their way down the aisle, escorted by the Best Man &. Maid-of-Honor. As Anna approached, the look on Weimer’s face said it all – this was the moment they’d been waiting for. Amy Wallace, with her gift of weaving narratives, shared their love story, making everyone feel like they were a part of Anna and Weimer’s journey. Vows were exchanged and kisses shared before they strolled through a shower of flower petals as husband and wife, ready to celebrate with those who meant the world to them.

We embraced the brisk air for some quick portraits and then headed for the warmth of the gorgeous historic estate where their guests were waiting to spend some time celebrating the newlyweds. Heartfelt speeches were made, and the cake was cut before everyone headed to the dance floor. Anna’s sister serenaded everyone as Anna & Weimer shared their first dance. The rest of the evening was all about the music, the laughter, and a dance floor alive with the harmony of two families becoming one. (Even their furbabies joined in.) And as the evening drew to a close, sparklers lit up the night, sending Anna and Weimer off into their new life together with a glow as warm as the day had been.

Anna & Weimer, your wedding was a beautiful beginning to what I know will be a wonderful journey, filled with laughter, love, and the sweet companionship of each other… and, of course, your furry friends. I’m so grateful I could be there to witness it and capture these memories for you.

Lots of Love,

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