Hi, I'm Jessica! I am the proud wife of a military veteran and the mom of two crazy monkeys disguised as teenagers. I am originally from a tiny town in Missouri. And when I say tiny - I mean it. I only graduated high school with about 50 people (and 5 of them were named Jessica). My family and I spent about 5 years in Hawaii and Washington where I had the honor of photographing military families and homecomings. This is when I realized that while I loved cute kids - making time to get photos of the parents was where my heart found happiness. There is something so amazing about finding and honoring the connection of two people in love.

As soon as the military gave us a date for returning to Springfield, Missouri - I began transferring my photography business back to Missouri and I had my first Missouri wedding booked while we were still 2,000+ miles away in Washington. After over 10 years of focusing on engagement and wedding photography - I've never looked back. Photography is so much more than just a job to me, it is a life source. I truly feel at home when my camera is in my hands. While I have had years of training and education - I am constantly striving to learn more about this art form - because to me I will never know enough.

I've experienced the love and loss of too many incredible people in my life, including my daughter Lexi and my dad. This has taught me that life is fleeting and extremely precious. That's why, to me, your wedding photos aren't just pretty pictures to remember a detail or special moment. Your images are invaluable works of art that will help you tell your story for generations. I'm truly honored to play a part in creating & sharing your life, as art.



Random facts about me

My primary diet consists of coffee…coffee….and well, more coffee.
I am an avid reader and chronic over-punctuator!!…??!!
I absolutely love my fur babies and we have more animals than people in our home.
I originally dreamed of becoming a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine!
I believe that music heals the soul.
99.99% of my closet is black (or shades of black) clothing. It is literally a big deal if I show up anywhere with color on.
When I'm not listening to music or podcasts - I am binge-watching (listening?) to Netflix & Hulu while I edit your photos. This means I go through A LOT of television series. Feel free to throw some suggestions out to me!
I treat all of my couples just like close friends and family, which means there is an extremely good chance that I WILL tear up at your wedding.

I can't wait to hear from you!!!

Lots of Love,

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