Eric + Wade’s Engagement Session | Finley Farms, Ozark MO

I fell in love with Wade & Eric from the moment we first met. You genuinely can’t help but smile when you are around them! Honestly, the first thought I have when I think about these two is happiness…because whether it is being around them in person, looking at their “getting to know you” questionnaire, or simply reading an email going over wedding plans – it never fails that to end with smiles and laughter. Honestly, them explaining the night Wade proposed may have had me giggling to the point of tears.

I was really looking forward to it finally being time to get them in front of the camera for their engagement session. Last week we headed to the beautiful Finley Farms so I could try to capture just a tiny bit of the magic these two have together. I had a lot of fun getting to spend this time with them and just watch the way they interact with one another. Wade’s love and his desire to make Eric happy are so clear when they’re together. Eric could get those genuine smiles out of Wade way better than I ever could. I’m pretty sure I even made a comment that I couldn’t decide if Wade was going to love me even more – or feel ready to fire this crazy photographer by the end of the night!

I absolutely cannot wait until their wedding next year! If I adore them this much already, it is going to be even better when they are surrounded by all of their favorite people! I already know this will be one of my absolute favorite weddings and I cannot wait to celebrate their love story!!

Lots of Love,

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