Katarina & Payton | Barn at Bear Ridge Wedding, Cassville, MO

This past weekend we headed to The Barn at Bear Ridge for Katarina & Payton’s big day! This was our first time at this venue so I was really looking forward to checking out this new location. We have a lot of barn & rustic wedding venues in Southwest Missouri but one thing I can say about The Barn at Bear Ridge is that the landscaping is GORGEOUS and makes such a beautiful backdrop for portraits.

From the moment we walked thru the door – Payton and his groomsmen’s laughter could be heard echoing throughout the venue as they started the celebration earlier than everyone else. 🙂 These boys know how to have fun and will definitely go down as one of the most memorable wedding parties in my career. The ladies were relaxing in the bridal suite as they finished their final touches of getting ready. Katarina looked absolutely beautiful! I mean, her dress was stunning!!! I hadn’t even been there an hour the first time I got a little choked up. The personal touches of Katarina including two special men in her life, thru her dad’s ashes in her necklace and carrying her grandfather’s handkerchief, about did me in. It’s in these small moments, where the loss of my dad and two of my own grandparents in the last few years hit home, that I feel my heart connect with my couple. Even when there are brief moments of sadness, I want to capture the love that is there.

After everyone finished getting ready, it was time for the ceremony! I excitedly said hi to one of my sweet couples who were guests at the wedding! That always makes it fun when I get to run into past brides and grooms. The sun was shining down brightly on everyone as the wedding party came down the aisle. Their daughter wasn’t so sure about doing the whole flower girl thing – but no worries – because one of the guys stepped in for his time to shine as the Flower Boy. (Flower Man? Flower Dude?) I think he had way more fun than she would have anyway! The couple shared their sweet vows, exchanged rings, and watered a plant together in unity before officially being pronounced husband and wife!

After finishing portraits with the family and wedding party it was time to join the reception! Everyone finished eating and then it was time for toasts. Now, this is where I’m not sure what to say. I’ve seen sweet speeches. I’ve seen some that brought a few tears. And I’ve seen some pretty funny speeches. I think this is the first time I saw a speech that, well, I don’t know what it was. And honestly, I don’t think anyone else did either. If you were there, you get it! In another round of firsts, the bride covered her groom in a trash bag because she was determined to shove a piece of the chocolate cream pie in his face – BUT they hadn’t had their golden hour portraits done yet, and she wasn’t about to let those get ruined! Then after dances, we snuck outside for a few minutes of quiet at sunset to just let them be together and breathe. It was probably my favorite part of the whole day!

Payton and Katarina, Congratulations again, and Thank You for sharing your day with us!

Lots of Love,


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