Ryan & Latasha’s Wedding at The Sterling Event Center, Joplin MO

How do you define a perfect wedding day? Is it just about the gorgeous decor, the perfect venue, or the joyous celebration? If you ask me, I’d say it’s all about the emotions, the love, and the resilience that the couple brings to the day. And that’s exactly what we saw during Latasha and Ryan’s wedding day at The Sterling Event Center, just outside of Joplin, MO.
Latasha and Ryan – two individuals whose love story is as beautiful as they are. When they chose the Sterling Event Center for their wedding, they didn’t just pick a venue; they chose a location that perfectly encapsulates their love – elegant and full of warmth. Guests were arriving by multiple bus loads to celebrate this amazing couple.
Despite a recent injury, Latasha’s spirit was unbroken. As she walked down the aisle, her veil seemed to have a mind of its own and refused to stay put. But Latasha, with her characteristic spirit, simply laughed, tossed the unruly veil aside and continued her careful walk with grace and poise. This bride had strength and grace in abundance and watching her conquer this little hiccup with humor, along with any others that occurred throughout the day, was a moment I’ll never forget.
The ceremony was a testament to their love, their commitment, and the strength they found in each other. As Ryan stood by Latasha, their vows carried a deeper significance, a promise of being there for each other in health, sickness (and injury). One of the most touching moments of the ceremony was when Ryan turned to Latasha’s daughter and read out a set of vows just for her. His voice, filled with emotion, made promises of love, protection, and guidance. He promised to be not just a husband to Latasha, but also a father figure to her daughter. It was a beautiful moment that brought tears to many eyes, including my own, and it was a honor to capture it.
Their large, vivacious wedding party added to the fun. After the ceremony, we headed up to the balcony and Latasha thanked her wedding party with a private, sweet speech that ending with a collapsing champagne tower. It led to laughter all around and added to another amazing moment, that while it may not have went as planned, it still created a perfect memory.
The Sterling Event Center came alive with a reception that was nothing short of a dream. But what made it even more special was the joy and laughter echoing throughout the room filled with all of their favorite people. After Latasha and Ryan made their way down the stairs, Friends and family watched the couple’s first dance and a wonderful speech by her father. As I clicked away, capturing these beautiful moments, I couldn’t help but be swept away by the infectious energy. Their wedding day was more than just a celebration; it was a day that exemplified love, resilience, and the promise of an amazing journey together.
Here’s to Latasha and Ryan, a couple whose love story is as beautiful and inspiring as they are. May their journey ahead be filled with love, laughter, and all the strength they need to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. As they say, love isn’t just about finding the perfect person, but also about facing the imperfect moments perfectly together. And that’s Latasha and Ryan for you.
Lots of Love,


Bridal Gown | Normans Bridal
Bartending | The Social Sip LLC.
Cakes | Janella Spencer & Rebekah Neff
Charcuterie | The Garden Exchange
Design & Planning Events by Amie
Hair & Makeup | Anna Dudko
Officiant | Austin Lawrence
Photo & Video | Jessica Yahn Photography
Rentals | Events by Amie
Accommodations | Downstream Casino Resort
Transportation | Pinnacle Transportation
Venue | The Sterling, The Emerald Event Centers
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