Ben + Katie’s Wedding Day at Finley River Farms, Ozark MO

In the Fall landscape of Ozark, Missouri, under the gentle rhythm of raindrops, the next chapter of Ben & Katie’s love story was being woven. In the warmth of a Farmhouse just outside of Ozark, Missouri, with their family and their two delightful children, they prepared for a day that promised a harmony of joy, remembrance, and resilience. As the sky wept, the farmhouse pulsed with anticipation, profound emotions, and a heartwarming charm. Under the gray Missouri sky, the rain carried with it a sign of good luck. After finishing getting dressed, Katie tucked a charm in her pocket which included a memento in memory of her recently passed father, encapsulating cherished memories and unspoken emotions.

Katie & Ben’s first look was a beautiful moment. Sheltered under the farmhouse porch, away from the soft drizzle, Ben’s eyes absolutely lit up when he saw Katie. It was a testament of their love, as comforting and consistent as the rhythm of the rain. The spark in his eyes held a promise of unwavering commitment and the anticipation of their journey ahead.

The remainder of the day unfolded at the tranquil Finley River Farms. The ceremony was held in a charming wooden, creekside chapel. In a tender moment that tugged at every heartstring, their sweet young son, Owen, walked his mother down the aisle, each small step echoing in the chapel and in the hearts of the onlookers. The words “I do” echoed through the chapel, resonating with love and commitment. The chair where Katie’s father should have sat held his photograph, a silent tribute to his enduring presence in their lives.

The reception at The Workshop was a celebration of love, unity, and cherished memories. Under the glow of candlelight, stories were shared, and laughter echoed. Adding to the intimate atmosphere, everyone ate family-style at two long tables, fostering a sense of unity and family bond, enhancing the warmth and intimacy of the occasion. Owen, their young son, captivated the crowd during speeches, letting his parents know just how much he loved them. His words brought smiles, laughter, and a few more tears to the already emotional day. Yet, the dance between Katie and her mother, a dance that would’ve been with her father, held everyone in a silent, emotional embrace.

Under the rain-soaked Missouri night, Katie and Ben celebrated a love that was joyous, tender, and beautifully real. Their wedding day, which began with rain and cherished memories, ended with a celebration that was a testament to their love story. This intimate wedding was more than just a union of two hearts; it was a poignant reminder of love’s strength and family bonds.

Katie & Ben, I was absolutely honored to share this perfect day with you and your favorite people. I am wishing you so much love as you continue this next chapter of your story together.

Lots of Love,

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