John + Dustin | Greenhouse Two Rivers Wedding, Highlandville MO

I have been counting down the days until Dustin’s & John’s wedding day for what seems like forever. These two exude such authentic warmth and kindness. They are the kind of people you cannot help but want to make your best friends. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be the one chosen to capture every moment.

The morning was buzzing with excitement despite the cloudy winter sky that draped over Greenhouse Two Rivers. Their energy was infectious as they gathered with their wedding party, a crew of vivacious souls that mirrored their kindness and zest for life. Laughter filled the air, setting the tone for a day brimming with joy.

The happy couple wanted to be surrounded by their favorite people, so they began the day with the entire wedding party squeezed into one of the suites. John and Dustin then took turns in the groom’s suite, ensuring the magic of the first look remained intact. When that moment finally arrived, they turned and their eyes met, filled with emotion. It was simply pure love, drawing cheers and happy tears from their devoted friends standing witness.

This group was ready to celebrate. After wedding party portraits, it was time to hide away as their guests began to arrive. They may have hidden, but they weren’t exactly quiet. You could hear “Get Low” blasting from the other side of the building as they excitedly prepared for the ceremony.

Amy Wallace officiated a ceremony that was a testament to the journey of John and Dustin’s love story. Tears flowed freely, including my own, uniting hearts in celebration of this beautiful love story.

After the ceremony, John & Dustin hugged their guests before taking some portraits with their family. The rain began a slight drizzle just as we were finishing a few last portraits of the lovebirds. We grabbed a few umbrellas and carried on. Nothing could dull the bliss of this spectacular day.

Soon it was TIME TO PARTY!!! This is what they’d been waiting for. They were ready to combine their love of music and dancing into an unforgettable party. The guests signed their well-wishes on the Taylor Swift record that was serving as a guestbook and then waited with anticipation to welcome the newlyweds. The day culminated in a grand entrance that set the dance floor ablaze. Lady Marmalade pulsed through the air as the wedding party sashayed into the reception, igniting a night that was a culmination of love, laughter, and dance. A delicious dinner by Simply Delicious was followed by love-filled speeches. The celebration unfurled the dance floor a whirlwind of twirls and laughter. The joy was contagious as the warmth of the party created a haze of steam across the glass walls.

As the Winter night continued to fall, a bittersweet moment arrived when farewells became inevitable. But not before the couple was sent off under a shower of cheers, the cold sparks lighting their path as they embarked on the journey of marriage. This day will forever be etched in my heart. Dustin and John, Thank you for choosing to share your perfect day with us. I am forever grateful to have met you both. I am so excited to watch you continue to dance into the next chapter of your love story.

Lots of Love,

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