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Charity and Prabhakar took unplugged during their Hawaiian honeymoon – so I have been anxiously waiting for these two lovebirds to return to post these sneak peeks!! Their wedding day arrived on what was the hottest day of the Summer so far. Everyone was pre-gaming water, Gatorade, and Liquid IV for days in preparation. Nothing was going to put a wrench in the plans for this much-awaited day. I was just as excited as the family. I had so much last Summer for their Engagement session – and honestly, Charity & Prahakar are two of the absolute kindest human beings I’ve ever met. Their compassion and loving hearts toward everyone around them makes my heart so happy. We had been counting down for what seemed like forever. Plans even changed a few times as they prepared to celebrate both their American and Hindu weddings here in Missouri.

When the big day arrived, the bride & groom’s suites bustled with activity as everyone got ready. Charity began the day in a simple & elegant white slip dress for a first look with her groom-to-be. They absolutely couldn’t take their eyes off one another as they shared a few moments together before the beautiful chaos of the day continued. After a few quick portraits, it was time for them both to hide away again as they changed into their Indian clothing. The ceremonies began with the Baraat as guests led Prabhakar to the Patio where he was welcomed by Charity’s family and the parents exchanged beautiful flower garlands. As the guests were seated P headed to the stairs where he waited for his bride’s entrance. After greeting the wedding party it was finally time to see his bride once again. You could see the emotion in both of their eyes when she reached the bottom of the stairs and they shared a quick private moment before walking into the ceremony together.

After both families happily accepted the couple as part of their own, the Hindu ceremony began. I will be honest that I cannot tell you the significance behind so many parts of their wedding – but I can say that it was possibly the most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever witnessed. The fact is that you could both see and feel all of the love surrounding this amazing couple. Hindu wedding ceremonies are a lot more lengthy (over an hour) than a traditional American wedding, but even with the 105* Missouri heat and the humidity – it was perfect. I can say this is the first time I’ve seen a bride have to reapply sunscreen in the middle of her wedding. After the Hindu ceremony was concluded the couple shared their personal vows bringing both laughter & tears, before sharing their first kiss and being officially proclaimed as husband and wife.

Everyone was ready to move into the shade to enjoy cocktail hour, followed by dinner & dessert. After another quick clothing change, the couple joined everyone back out on the patio to dance the rest of the Summer evening away under the twinkle lights. And after some shrewd negotiating with his new sisters-in-laws, P even got his shoes back before it was time for their Sparkler exit.

Charity & Prabhakar, Congratulations again! I am beyond thankful to have met you. There aren’t enough words to express how much I appreciate all of the kindness and love we received from both you and your families. I am so excited to see where your love story goes next!

Lots of Love,

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